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Take Action

The Alternatives to Violence Project – New Jersey is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to reducing violence in our lives. We are dedicated to building stronger communities through respect and mutual understanding. See below to learn more about how you can help us make a difference in your community.

Help us support the work of AVP by:

•  Sponsoring a workshop in your community

•  Donating the use of a space in which a workshop can be held 

•  Offering your talents in social media development

•  Supporting an AVP prison program

•  Offering overnight hospitality when facilitators lead a workshop in your area

•  Providing lunches and snacks for participants at workshops

•  Offering child care for participants while they attend workshops

•  Contributing financially to help AVP pay for workshop materials and travel expenses

•  Introducing AVP to your local organization with a mini-workshop


Support Our Work

Ways to Get Involved

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